Vision Statement: Strengthening Eternal Families by Promoting and Defending Adoption and
Increasing our Involvement in the Community

Articles on Adoption

For Birthparents & Their Families:

“The Gift of Adoption,” Ensign, February 2009

Why Adoption?” Ensign, 2008

“Abortion: An Assault on the Defenseless,” Ensign, Oct 2008

“The Adoption Decision,” New Era, Mar 2006

“Strengthening the Family: Within the Bonds of Matrimony,” Ensign, Aug. 2005

“My Daughter’s Choice,” Ensign, Dec 2004

"Adoption and the Unwed Mother,” Ensign, Feb. 2002

“Could I Let My Baby Go?” Ensign, Feb. 2002

“What’s Best for My Baby?” New Era, Nov. 2001

“But What Was Best for the Baby?” Ensign, July 1999

“Guidance for Unwed Parents,” Ensign, Sept. 1994

“My Decision,” Ensign, Aug. 1991

“From Tragedy to Hope: Helping Unwed Parents,” Ensign, Sept. 1985

For Adoptive Families & Friends of Adoption:

"Part of the Family,"  Friend, February 2011

“Adoption: Including the Whole Family,” Ensign, Apr 2010

“The Gift of Adoption,” Ensign, February 2009

“Making a Family,” Friend, Feb 2009

“Why Adoption?” Ensign, January 2008

“A Greater Love,” Ensign, June 2006

“Not of My blood but of My Heart,” Ensign, April 1991

“Adopted,” Friend, August 1991

“Who Will Adopt a Dying Child?” Ensign, Oct. 1989

“The More the Merrier,” New Era, Apr. 1988

“After the Sacrifice, a Twofold Blessing,” Ensign, Jul 1986

“Can You Take Another Child?” Ensign, Aug. 1984

“Friend to Friend: A Special Child,” Friend, Apr 1975

Infertility Support:

"Faith and Infertility," Ensign April 2011

“Infertility, Faith, and Personal Growth,” Ensign August 2005

“Our Struggle to Be Fruitful,”
Ensign, June 2003

“Being Sensitive to Couples without Children,” Ensign, August 2000

“I Longed to Be a Mother,” Ensign, August 2000

“I Yearned for a Baby,” Ensign, August 1996

“In Search of Peace,” Ensign, June 1992

“Would I Ever Be a Mother?” Ensign, August 1992

“Just the Two of Us For Now,” Ensign, February 1989

“So How Many Children Do You Have?” Ensign, Feb. 1989