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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Doing & Standing Still

Every where you see them…lines of children waiting to hop on Santa’s lap and proclaim their wishes for Christmas toys. Often you see parents hovering near, hoping to hear the gift idea that their child really wants this year. Many of those children may get their Christmas wish…(if it is reasonable and appropriate, of course). For children, the time between sitting on Santa’s lap and Christmas morning seems endless…so long to wait and endure the uncertainty of it all. Maybe you were one of those children, too, who felt December past too slowly and when was your desired gift going to arrive?

As adults, we know that we often must wait for things in life, but have we mastered the skill of waiting? Elder Uchtdorf talked about waiting in a recent conference address on Patience. He taught some important principles which might be helpful for you and your families as you must wait upon the Lord during your adoption process.

I don’t think the standing “still” refers to doing nothing as we wait for a child to be added to our family. I think it means that after and as we go about cheerfully doing all we can,

• we are attentive to the whispering of the Spirit in regards to our adoption planning—following the leads that are given;

• we try to maintain a respectful attitude to our Heavenly Father-the Giver of all great gifts;

• we acknowledge His hand in our lives; and

• we “stand still” often and count our blessings for each other, for extended families, and for all the children in our lives, whether assigned to your immediate family or not.

Our Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us. We do not know what the end result will be for anyone. However, by both doing and standing still, we can be an active participant in traveling the path set before us by Him.

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