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Friday, December 3, 2010

Finding Idea- A Christmas Letter

By sending a letter to all of your friends and family, you can 1) Let them know about your desire to adopt and even more importantly, 2) tell them how THEY can help YOU! The following is a list of ideas for developing your letter.

*INTRODUCE yourselves. Start off in the "typical Christmas letter way" by telling about what you have been up to, what the year has entailed for you, etc. Do this BEFORE you introduce your hope to adopt.

*SHARE about your decision to adopt. If you desire, share a little bit about your adoption experience.

*EDUCATE. When most people read your letter they won't get the point that you are soliciting their help to find your baby. Tell them that you are hoping that they could help bring about the miracle you are hoping for. Inform them about designated adoption. Explain what this means. Tell them that you are hoping that someone who reads your letter might be that third party that will ultimately connect you to an expectant parent. State that you hope that they might be that person that connects you to your birth mother.

*PROVIDE information. People still might be skeptical. Share that last year 27% of the adoptions performed through your agency were a direct result of a designated situation-- a connection like the one you might have with them. Tell them that there is an average of one young woman per ward each year who is faced with an unexpected pregnancy.

* PREPARE them to tell expectant parents how to find out more about you. Tell them to feel free to share your online profile (give them instructions on how to pull it up), give your adoption blog address, or supply pass along cards with all of the information a birth mother would need to find you.

*BE BOLD. Plan to send the letter to EVERYONE you can think of. Some couples might go so far as to even get out their old wedding invite list. The more people you can reach out to the better!

*HAVE FUN with it!!! It might seem silly or crazy to send this letter out and ask people to help you find your birthmother....if you think so, say it! Write with personality. This can take the awkward edge off what you are asking them to do.

*INVOLVE your family. Make a party of preparing and stuffing the letters. If your family members desire, let them donate stamps to your cause.

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