Vision Statement: Strengthening Eternal Families by Promoting and Defending Adoption and
Increasing our Involvement in the Community

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Volunteers Needed

  • Do YOU have an interest in Graphic Design or Computer Technology?  Do you know someone with those talents?  If so, the Layton agency could use your help in designing a tri-fold pamphlet to be distributed throughout the community with the purpose of reaching expectant parents who could benefit from the services LDS Family Services has to offer to them. 
  • We are looking for a location for our Annual Birthmother Dinner coming up on May 4th.  If you have resources or connections to an affordable location which could seat up to 60 people please contact us by March 4th.
  • As always, if you are interested in serving on one of our committees- Activities, Education, or Outreach- please contact us.  We can use your help! 


Angie said...

What constitutes an "affordable" location for the annual birth mother dinner? I'd love to put some feelers out but cost parameters would help.

Layton FSA said...

Great question, Angie- $750 or less for the location & food.

Angie said...

FYI, I just saw on St. George's FSA blog that they had gift certificates donated from a local beauty school for their birth mother brunch last year. Love that idea! Birth moms get pampering, the school gets practice. Win, win!